Contemporary Leather Furniture to Fit Your Style

Contemporary leather furniture is popular for its clean lines and affinity for open space. With strong lines and smooth forms, contemporary style should lack clutter and crowding using minimal accessories. Essentially, less is more.

Contemporary colors should reflect simple sophistication. Creams, beiges, tans, pastels, white and black are the foundation of contemporary colors. Combinations these colors flow smoothly and then rooms are easily accented with brighter colors. For example, a white theme with a touch of green or gold creates interest.

Contemporary style begins with open space and focuses on function. Too few furnishings can make a large open room appear unfinished and too much will look cluttered. Balancing space and paying attention to placement of contemporary leather furniture groupings provides the pleasing practicality of modern styling.

Handcrafted Modern Leather Furniture

Today's modern leather furniture has moved beyond the rock hard Victorian style sofa your grandmother had in her parlor for the arrival of special guests. Today's modern leather furniture combines comfort, style, beauty, quality and fine craftsmanship with custom leather furniture you can actually live with.

Modern leather furniture accommodates all styles in today's personalized market. Whether your style is classic traditional, sophisticated contemporary, earthy rustic/western, suave modern, progressive transitional, or if you're in need of comfortable seating for the new theater room The Leather Sofa Company covers your style, and provides luxurious comfort.

With more than 120 colors and finishes available, and providing options in stitching, nails cushions and more, you can rest assured our experts can provide exactly what you are looking for in leather furniture, to give you the personalized style you crave.

About The Leather Sofa Company

The Leather Sofa Company began with Mitch and De-Ann Lurie's vision of designing, producing and selling premium, custom crafted leather furniture using the finest artisans and craftsmen available. Eighteen years later, the dream has exceeded all of their expectations with six retail showrooms in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, as well as the Outlet Center in Lewisville, TX

With so many mass produced lines of foreign made furniture flooding the American market and showrooms, they wanted to set their goals higher than most leather furniture manufacturers strive for

Mitch and De-Ann wanted an exclusive line of products that would hands down be a cut-above the rest. They wanted to create beautiful one-of-a-kind leather furniture of superb craftsmanship that would be an enduring legend to the disappearing quality of American Made products. They knew producing a custom piece of furniture one piece at a time in their Texas location, was the best way to ensure the premium quality of a high end product, while maintaining a reasonable cost to the consumer

Rustic Elegance in Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

Rustic Elegance Style

When the style Rustic is mentioned, many people think of things too worn for their taste. There are people who love this degree of rustic, if you love it, use it. But if your idea of rustic is more at home in elegant log cabins and lodges your style is actually Rustic Elegance.

Rustic elegance is most often seen in lovely log cabins with their elegant rustic lodge decor. However, log walls are not required for the rustic elegance style. Rustic elegance easily fits in with contemporary, ranch, traditional, stucco and even some classic homes, and of course the proverbial log home.

Walls can be stucco, wide plank, stone or even paint in warm earthy colors. Large stone fireplaces predominate, with large beam mantles. These mantles can be distressed wood, smooth wood, ornately carved wood or even large cut native stone. If you lack the space for a large fireplace, consider a smaller domed or fluted style fireplace with stucco finish. Ceilings generally sport large support beams, and rustic chandeliers hang from beams in antler, iron, decorative metal or even crystal.

Great Dallas Furniture Stores

Shop the Leather Sofa Company for affordable, luxurious leather furniture near Dallas, Texas. Our Dallas Furniture Stores showrooms are conveniently located to serve shoppers in Arlington, Cleburne, DeSoto, Fort Worth, Garland, Mesquite and other locations surrounding the Dallas/Fort Worth areas

The Leather Sofa Company provides a great selection of custom luxury leather furniture in Sofas, Sectionals, Chairs, Loveseats, Theater Seating, Ottomans and Recliners. Our craftsmen create luxurious leather furniture from the highest grade of materials available, one piece at a time, with an expertise that exceeds industry standards in each and every detail

Nothing speaks of class like rich, supple natural leathers! Custom crafted to fit your lifestyle, our premium collection of leathers and seating in 120 selections of aniline dyed colors and finishes are sure to have a style to fit your home, office or business. Visit one of our showrooms and let a Leather Sofa Company sales person help you to elevate your home, business or office to new heights with the rich beauty, lush color, comfort, and enduring luxury of top and full grain leathers. Proudly Made in Texas, USA!

Leather Furniture Store in Grapevine

An enduring American legend, leather remains among the most popular choices today among upholstery options in furniture

When shopping furniture stores in Grapevine Texas, check out our fine quality leather couch and other premium leather furniture custom made by The Leather Sofa Company in Texas, USA!

The following discusses a few of the most popular leather furniture finishes to assist you in ensuring the correct choice of leather for your new furniture

Furniture generally receives a lot of use in the home or office and this requires durability. When carefully chosen to complement your style, it elevates the home or office environment while providing lush comfort

Great Leather Furniture in Frisco, TX

Luxurious leather is comfortable, classy, durable, easy to care for, soft and smooth to touch. Nothing speaks of affluence and style like the enduring quality of leather. When leather furniture is seriously considered, it doesn't take long to realize that leather is actually the best buy.

On average leather furniture lasts five times longer than fabric upholstery. It also ages beautifully, improving with time and acquiring a soft sheen. Leather is a natural product, maintaining a room temperature and adapts to your body temperature in a snap.

Leather adapts to almost any style. At The Leather Sofa Company our large selection of aniline dyed leathers, styles, finishes and custom options enables leather to take center stage, or blend flawlessly into the environment in which it is placed.

Quality Furniture Stores in Dallas, TX

Warm elegance, luxurious comfort and enduring quality are the attributes of fine leather furniture. If you are looking for first quality leather furniture in furniture stores in Dallas, TX look no further than The Leather Sofa Company with five locations of showrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas, including Frisco.

Proudly manufactured in Lewisville, TX, our American Made Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs, Sectionals, Ottomans, Theater Seating, and Recliners are crafted by master craftsmen from premium select aniline dyed top and full-grain leathers. Each of our craftsmen and carpenters are experts in their fields, dedicated to providing the utmost attention to detail in each and every aspect of the design to completion process.

Leather furniture can complement any style for home or office. The natural elegance of leather can impart a warm ambiance, a cool sophistication, a natural earthiness, or elegant luxury to any room.

Furniture Stores in Dallas

Enhance your home or office with rich top grain leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company of Lewisville, Texas. Hand crafted in a variety of styles and more than 120 colors and finishes, our fine leather furniture will provide sumptuous comfort and classy style for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a leather couch, theater seating, loveseats, sectionals, ottomans, chairs or recliners, we have a style created for your living space. If you enjoy entertaining clients, friends and family, we can provide your home with luxurious leather furniture Dallas, that is dressed to impress.

Using only the very best premium, hand selected top and full grain leathers, assures your leather finish will endure. Aniline dyed, it ages gracefully and only improves with age.

Fine Tufted Leather Furniture

Tufted leather provides an elegant look and complements almost any style from traditional to modern leather style furniture.

Tufted leather today comes in all styles. The style of the furniture's frame determines whether a tufted leather will appear elegant and refined, casual, a cool modern, warm European or handsomely masculine.

Tufted furniture will also influence a room's appearance depending upon the style leather, its color and texture. The addition of nail heads, the type of stitching and other options available will greatly refine the appearance of tufted leather furnishings for a more elegant or rustic finish for example.

Leather Sofas Dallas


Southwestern Style is a warm and inviting style generally using a lot of color that brings to mind adobe walls, pottery and the colors of a desert sunset. Colors are of beige sand and green cactus, sunsets in blue, coral, reds, and purples, the shades of red, brown, black and white canyon walls, of blue turquois and desert sky. The variations in the colors of the southwest are numerous, and allow for more options than almost any other style from the simple use of black and white to the full spectrum of nature inspired southwestern colors.

Textured paint adds a greater level of style to walls and when combined with a Kiva style fireplace adds sophistication. Faux painting techniques provide a more dimensional wall treatment, whereas texture brings to mind stone and adobe. When using textured paint it adds the potential for sculptural accents to walls that easily double up for use as a place of display for woven baskets and pottery.

Care for Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is one of the surest ways to add the element of beauty and class to a room. Yet many people decline leather as it is often perceived as difficult to take care of.

In actuality leather is more enduring than any upholstery material, and care is no more difficult than any other type of upholstered furniture. The following tips will keep your leather furniture looking great and help it to last a long, long time.

Great Dallas, TX Furniture Stores

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to order elegant new leather furniture sure to please guests and visiting family alike.

Almost everyone dreams of comfortable leather furniture before a warm winter fire. Add to this vision a glistening Christmas tree and the sounds of holiday music, the scent of cinnamon and ginger baking in the kitchen, with family and friends visiting on a cold winter's night. Nothing speaks of home and holiday memories better than this.

You want your home to look its best for holiday guests, and nothing warms up a room like leather. Our master craftsmen create fine contemporary leather furniture, modern leather furniture as well as all other major styles to create beautiful rooms that will showcase your home for the holidays.

Styling With Contemporary Leather Furniture

If your home lacks the architectural elements of contemporary design don't despair. Even though you lack expansive windows, open floor plans and lots of natural light, you can still have the basic elements that will define your style as contemporary, even if your homes architecture is country or traditional!

The first element of contemporary style is using the proper colors. Neutral colors and black and white are often used as the backdrop for contemporary rooms, but bright colors are also used in certain situations. Most importantly, the backdrop should be clean, and free of busy textures or unnecessary details.

The next element of contemporary design is minimalism. No clutter becomes even more important if your home lacks the wide open spaces of contemporary architecture. Having less in a room makes it appear more open and spacious. Leaving space between furniture promotes a more open feel.

Rustic Leather Furniture

When the style Rustic is mentioned, many people think of things too worn for their taste. There are people who love this degree of rustic, if you love it, use it. But if your idea of rustic is more at home in elegant log cabins and lodges your style is actually Rustic Elegance.

Rustic elegance is most often seen in lovely log cabins with their elegant rustic lodge decor. However, log walls are not required for the rustic elegance style. Rustic elegance easily fits in with contemporary, ranch, traditional, stucco and even some classic homes, and of course the proverbial log home.

Walls can be stucco, wide plank, stone or even paint in warm earthy colors. Large stone fireplaces predominate, with large beam mantles. These mantles can be distressed wood, smooth wood, ornately carved wood or even large cut native stone. If you lack the space for a large fireplace, consider a smaller domed or fluted style fireplace with stucco finish. Ceilings generally sport large support beams, and rustic chandeliers hang from beams in antler, iron, decorative metal or even crystal.

Leather Theater Seating

The Leather Sofa Company provides handcrafted pure aniline dyed genuine leather seating in configurations for the media room or the home theater. Browse our Theater seating to view available configurations of each line.

When you are unsure whether you need a media room or a home theater, this article can assist you in the decision.

Transitional Leather Furniture in Dallas

The transitional style combines elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. It is an option for those who find modern contemporary uninviting, and traditional style overly ornate and old fashioned. The transitional style provides a quietly sophisticated style of decor, as well as leather furniture in Dallas for your home.

In transitional style furniture, the lines may be straight without the sharp edges of the modern contemporary style, or the style can feature soft, graceful curves without any of the extremes often seen in traditional furniture. Transitional furniture is typically of medium scale, and gender neutral in design. The style provides quiet beauty, and comfortable sophistication with the open spaces of the contemporary style, and an uncomplicated minimalist environment for a restful room.

Fabrics can be used to impart texture for interest, always using solid colors without patterns. You will find linen, corduroy and chenille prominent in the style, with leather being the first choice for furniture. Drapes are simple and are of solid color, and allow natural light to filter in. The focus of transitional style, is on pure beautiful simplicity.

Contemporary Style Leather Furniture

The clean lines and well lit, open spaces of the Contemporary style make it one of today's most popular designs. The Contemporary style uses few accessories, providing an open, airy atmosphere where less is more. contemporary leather furniture is ideal for the style, embodying the natural element, the comfort and clean smooth lines and texture the style calls for.

Contemporary colors are neutral, and provide one of the hallmarks of the design. The colors and undertones of cream, white, beige, tan, and black are the foundation of Contemporary colors and provide quiet sophistication.

Minimalism is an additional feature of Contemporary design. The case for 'less is more' is typical of the design. Large open spaces are made to seem larger with the minimalist approach. Large-scale contemporary leather furniture will nicely suit a large Contemporary room. Furniture arrangement takes advantage of a view if present, and provides additional conversation areas for exceptionally large open spaces. It is in the large contemporary room that leather sectionals are most at home.

Quality Leather Furniture Stores in Frisco, TX

When it is time to shop for custom leather furniture, and you want a natural product with enduring quality, luxurious comfort and unparalleled class, leather furniture may very well be what you are looking for. If you are looking for superior quality American Made leather furniture in furniture stores in Frisco, TX at reasonable prices, look no further than The Leather Sofa Company. We offer online shopping as well as seven showrooms in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Proudly manufactured in Lewisville, TX, our sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectional sofas, ottomans, theater seating, office chairs and recliners are handcrafted from premium aniline dyed top and full-grain leathers. Our talented artisans and master carpenters are dedicated to providing the finest attention to detail in every aspect of the creation of our fine products.

We offer leather furniture to complement almost any style. The natural elegance of leather imparts the warm ambiance you desire for an earthy style, the cool sophistication of contemporary leather furniture the elegant luxury of a traditional style, or even a red leather couch for a room designed for modern leather furniture with a bold statement.

What Makes Premium Leather Furniture

Premium leather furniture isn't made in automated factories. It is handcrafted by master craftsmen using only the finest materials available.

The Leather Sofa Company exclusively uses aniline dyed, top and full grain leather, the finest of all leather products.

Bovine hides are simply too thick to use in their natural state without being split into thinner layers. There are two primary grades of leather: top grain and split grain. Top grain leather is the surface layer of the split hide. It is the strongest, most durable part of the hide, as well as the supplest and the softest part of the hide. Leather that is not mechanically altered and is left in its natural state is called full grain leather and is made from top grain leather.

The lower layer on the hide is called split leather. It is stiffer and less durable than top grain leather. Split leather has less strength and durability because the fibers of the hide run in one direction, which leaves it more susceptible to cracking or tearing. The Leather Sofa Company does not use split leather. We provide only premium top grain, and full grain leather, thereby offering only the very best premium leather furniture available.

Decorating Around Leather Furniture

Most of us like to surround ourselves with the things we love. The years pass by and before we know it we have a 'collection' that can take over a space. When you decide it's time for change and want to tame extensive collections, take control and think of ways to incorporate your favorites into a rooms design.

Paring down a collection can be a painful process but is well worth it in the end. Don't think of it as ridding yourself of beloved objects, but of using your favorites as part of a stylish, and organized design. When purchasing new furniture we often want to update the room, especially for those who have purchased stylish new authentic leather furniture. Here is how to begin:

Choose your favorites and set them aside to use in your design. Move the remainder to another room, box up, sell off or gift those that can't be a part of a rooms design.

Comfortable Leather Recliners

When you dream of having a comfortable leather recliner, The Leather Sofa Company in the Dallas-Fort Worth region provides custom, handcrafted recliners designed with your comfort in mind. With more than 120 colors and finishes available, and custom options to choose from, you can be certain that you will find exactly the recliner you want. From the softest of seats to supportive firm cushioning, sleek embossed leather or cloud soft leathers, there is a recliner just for you, providing the perfect relaxation after a hard days end.

Upholstered furniture soils and wears out rather quickly, whereas modern leather furniture can last for decades. Unlike upholstered furniture, leather ages beautiful, gaining a soft patina that only improves with age.

Recliners especially take a lot of abuse, simply because we spend a lot of time in them. The natural product of leather has more flexibility than fabric upholstery providing greater strength and long lasting durability. Because our leathers are all premium top or full grain leathers they are thicker than other leathers, and finely processed with precision and care. All of our leather is aniline dyed for long lasting color throughout the thickness of the hide, providing a long lasting, great looking product.

High Quality Leather Library Furniture

If you are an avid reader, or are in a section of the business sector requiring a large number of books such as lawyers, architects, writers and others, a space dedicated to a home library may be in order. For the career or business person this may include an office, but for an avid reader, comfort is going to be a larger consideration in the design of a home library.

The home library may be a wall lined with shelving behind a leather couch, or it may be a room large enough to hold consultations and meetings. Occasionally, affluent homes house libraries larger than the standard home!

Whatever your dream of a home library, these tips can assist you in the design and planning of your dream home library.

Arts & Crafts Style Leather Furniture

The Arts & Crafts Style occurred as a result to the mass production of the industrial revolution. The style focuses on quality traditional craftsmanship and nature versus mass produced goods. It provides an organic and somewhat minimalist style of interior with charm and warmth.

Upgrade Your Home With Leather Furniture

Create a stylish sanctuary in any room with luxurious leather furniture handcrafted by the leather experts at The Leather Sofa Company. The smooth natural elegance of leather has long been a favorite of many for its durability, resistance to stains, graceful and attractive aging and its ability to provide enduring style, elegance and class. Visit any of our furniture stores in Dallas, or any of our other locations to experience firsthand the soft, supple leathers of our premium leather furniture.

Living rooms, dens, entertainment rooms or any room becomes the centerpiece of your home drawing guests and family alike to the comfort of your stylish leather furniture. The Leather Sofa Company offers fine leather furniture in more than 120 colors and finishes to perfectly elevate any style, and any color scheme in your home. Just drop by any of our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our other locations to experience the full visual impact of our extensive line of colors and finishes.

Find Your Dream Custom Furniture in Frisco, TX

There is a place where dreams come true, where beauty form and function meet and provide a product that elevates your home to a whole new level. That place is The Leather Sofa Company with seven locations to serve you, including our furniture stores in Frisco, TX.

The Leather Sofa Company offers a premium selection of first quality leather furniture available in designs to complement almost any style. With more than 120 selections of colors and finishes you are sure to find your style, your color, your finish as well as your desired level of comfort whether it is firm or dreamy soft and every level of comfort in between.

By handcrafting our fine leather furniture one piece at a time with meticulous care and skill, you are able to select your customized sofa from our large selection of styles and options that is individualized just for you.

Find the Light at Furniture Stores in Frisco

Lighting can be a powerful component in home decorating. Lighting can be used to create aesthetic appeal and the ambiance you desire. Lighting can highlight art or treasured items, or used to focus on architectural elements of a rooms design. The selection of ambient lighting is especially pleasing with leather furniture. Visit our furniture stores in Frisco, TX for first quality leather furniture for your home.

Lighting today includes everything under the sun, with a large selection for any style. These include light fixtures that are so stunning they are art in themselves.

Metallic is all over the place this year, chrome, copper, brushed gold, and nickel. If contemporary is your style choose matching metal legs to tie lighting and our fine contemporary leather furniture together.

Visit any of our seven showrooms to view metal leg options, including our furniture stores in Frisco, TX to purchase a customized sofa from our large selection of styles and options that is individualized just for you.

Decorating With A Red Leather Couch

Everyone has their own preferences and opinions, especially when it involves a red leather couch. Options in using a red leather couch are to tone it down; balance it with a complementary shade; or to give it center stage. The following tips can create a beautiful room with a red leather couch.

If you want a contemporary style room along with a beautiful and elegant red leather sofa in a room where it is the sole shining star read on. Afterwards, we will discuss the Rustic style with a red sofa.

Perception in design is an individual characteristic. A neutral room with a red sofa is seen by many as an attempt to tone it down. That is often a misconception in my view. If you fall in love with a red leather sofa why not make it your focal point? You can achieve a contemporary room with a red leather couch by using the colors of white, grey, black or a mixture of these colors.

Grades of Fine Leather Furniture

The Leather Sofa Company offers premium quality leather furniture online, and in our seven showrooms located in Texas. Handcrafted by our dedicated artisans in Lewisville, Texas, you are assured of receiving a product that is fully crafted in the USA. Give us a call if you require assistance, or drop by one of locations, we would love to meet you.

If you are shopping for leather furniture, the following will assist you in your selection by understanding the grades of leather. Leather furniture is available in different grades of quality and finish. The higher grades of leather furniture will both look beautiful and last much longer than furniture using lower grades of leather. Leather will by far outlast fabric upholstered furniture.

Leather Sofas in Dallas Texas

When your old sofa is looking worn and tired, and you have decided upon new leather sofas in Dallas, visit The Leather Sofa Company with 6 convenient locations in Texas.

With the vision of providing a handcrafted quality product at reasonable prices, the Leather Sofa Company embarked upon exactly that mission more than 18 years ago.

Today, The Leather Sofa Company is recognized nationwide as one the foremost providers of premium American Made, handcrafted and custom leather furniture, manufactured in Texas.

We exclusively use premium top and full-grain leathers, available in over 120 aniline dyed colors and finishes. If you are looking for a color with a red leather couch to brighten or accent a room, we can provide it in your style, custom crafted. If you have decided upon a custom suave black leather couch or perhaps a pair of warm, earthy brown leather couches, we can provide them in your exact style as well.

Choosing Leather Furniture Sectionals

Sectional sofas have gained enormous popularity in recent years, and the popularity of the leather sectional sofa ranks highest in the most popular choice of living room furniture. When you are shopping for sofas and are debating between a traditional leather couch or considering leather sectional furniture, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of leather furniture sectionals.

There are many advantages of leather furniture sectionals with only a few disadvantages to consider in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of a sectional or a traditional leather couch.

Leather sectional sofas at The Leather Sofa Company are available in more than 120 colors and finishes of fine hand selected leathers. We offer a wide range of sizes, configurations, firmness, number of seats and other options for a more personalized choice. Our leather furniture is custom crafted by hand in the U. S., there really is no reason why you can't have the configuration that works for your room.

Leather 101 | Dallas Furniture Stores

Once you have made the decision to purchase leather furniture, it's time to shop around. Most of the complaints about leather furniture are related to the type of leather selected. You never have that concern when you purchase from the Leather Sofa Company with seven locations to choose from including two Dallas furniture stores.

Unfortunately, furniture labels can be misleading on many brands. It is to the consumers benefit to learn all they can of leather before they buy. You can avoid the risk of poor grades of leather by visiting any of our seven showrooms in Texas, which includes two Dallas furniture stores.

Shopping for Leather Furniture

Once you make the decision to buy leather furniture you know that you want your purchase will be of great quality and last for decades. While the initial investment may seem more expensive, consider that quality made leather furniture can last as much as four times longer than fabric upholstery. If you insist upon quality and elegance, leather furniture is the best choice.

While fabric upholstery degenerates with time, leather improves with age, developing a rich color and luster through the years. As a naturally durable material, it resists tears, cracks, peeling, punctures and it doesn't lose its shape over time. As long as it receives the recommended treatment for leather furniture care protection it is easy to wipe clean and resists most stains.

Decorating with Black Leather Furniture

The popularity of the black leather couch never fades. Often seen in contemporary spaces, the black leather couch is so very popular that it often shows up in spaces where it presents a design dilemma. The fact is, it doesn't have to be a dilemma, and it is all in your perspective and how to make it harmonize with its surroundings.

The black leather couch does indeed work with modern and retro, as well as casual, formal and contemporary styles. The key is all in the presentation of the space.

The first step of establishing cohesion with your new couch is with color. If you want to make a bold statement use bold, bright colors such as red or a granny smith green, for example.

Another bold approach is to use white accents, such as choosing white pillows with black piping. Many animal hide throws and accents are gorgeous with the black leather couch. The careful choice of the type species of hide, whether faux or genuine, will lend a modern style accent or a western accent or other, to your leather couch.

Leather Office Furniture

Those who dislike leather office chairs have simply never had a quality product.

Complaints are often of the leather office chair being hot as well as deterioration of the leather with splits, peels and cracks within a short amount of time. There are reasons for this, and the Leather Sofa Company can provide you with a soft, comfortable leather office chair that won't put you in the hot seat.

The first has to do with the quality of leather. Simply put, most leather office chairs are made of poor quality leather. Unbelievably, many retailers line of leather office chairs are made of scrap leather bought in cheap lots. Even worse, these leather scraps were of thin, poor quality leathers to begin with. These are most often split leathers, or bonded leathers. Inferior leather cracks and splits long before you expect it.

Leather that can't "breathe" traps the heat transference from your body and keeps it there placing you in a hot seat.

Arranging Leather Furniture

Short of hiring an interior decorator, furniture arrangement can be a daunting task. Rooms often contain challenges that thwart our arrangements every which way we turn. Multiple entries and windows almost never seem to be located conveniently for arranging furniture.

There is a simple means of exploring arrangement options without buying software for your computer, hiring an interior decorator or moving heavy furniture multiple times. With a paper you create a scale blue print of the room and cutouts of furniture to 'try' in different arrangements.

With this plan in mind you can accurately determine what you have room for. So go ahead, make your paper floor plan and then order the beautiful leather furniture you have been wanting.

First, measure the room and choose a scale to work with. A half inch scale generally works well but choose whatever scale you are comfortable with. For example, a half inch scale represents 1 foot, and a 6 foot couch will be represented with a 3 inch 'model'.

Using Modern Leather Furniture To Decorate

There are a few interior decorators today that simply lack the ability of the full vision of design. These particular designers call matching sets of furniture names such as "matchy-matchy" and "carton-clones". They recognize the beauty, as well as long lasting quality of modern leather furniture, that it can look good with any style, but confuse homeowners by saying you don't want to create a "ocean" of leather furniture. Their recommendation is to use only one piece and mix with fabric furniture!

My observations of this type of designers work is that they generally create boring and bland rooms of discord. For those of us who want style, class, function, and beauty in a room, leather furniture (in multiples) is the furniture of choice.

Leather furniture is more than just a design element. It is a common sense approach for the budget minded who want furniture to last a long time. It is the perfect choice for the homeowner who wants a natural element in a space. It is also a statement for those of us with discriminating taste that chooses to add class as well as beauty to a room.

Perfect Leather Furniture for Your Man Cave

Almost anyone will agree that no man cave is complete without leather furniture. Leather furniture is easy to maintain, and provides just the look and comfort you desire in your sanctuary. Whether you are in the planning stages, or upgrading an existing man cave, the Leather Sofa Company in the Dallas-Fort Worth region has the style and quality of leather furniture solutions for your haven within your home.

When you are planning a man cave, the feature most commonly requested, (besides the big screen television), is comfort and nothing provides it better than leather. Relaxing and enjoying your down time is elevated with the beauty and comfort of leather furniture. Whether you are watching a game or enjoying a movie with family and friends, our handcrafted leather furniture provides the finest quality available for leather sofas in Dallas, as well as entertainment seating in your man cave, home theater or entertainment room.

The Leather Sofa Company offers a large variety of popular styles, colors, and finishes from hand selected premium leathers. All of our leather selections are aniline dyed, and are exclusive top and full-grain leathers ensuring you receive the very best leather available anywhere.

History of Fine Leather Furniture

The history of leather is quite interesting and dates back further into history than most people realize. The earliest known artifact of leather dates at 40,000 B.C. while the most abundant evidence of leather craftsmanship dates to around 10,000 B.C. during the upper Paleolithic era.

Leather as clothing provided early man with protection and shelter from the elements. As a utility it enabled man to store and transport goods as well as being used as a covering for shelter in some cases. Leather used for arrow quivers and containers for storage was among early uses.

In time, other materials for clothing became available and leather moved into a category of armor and bridles for horses before being used for fine furniture.

The earliest known examples of leather for furniture are in leather chairs used within the early dynastic period (3100-2686 B.C.) in Egypt. These chairs were constructed with frames carved with the images in ebony, ivory or carved and gilded wood, utilizing cloth or leather for upholstery.

Leather Furniture For Lofts

A loft is an open space located at the top of a commercial building according to Webster's dictionary. To some, a loft is also what has been traditionally called an attic, or attic apartment. In a loft you typically have an open space that lacks closets, though rental lofts will provide a functioning kitchen and enclosed bathroom.

When rented, constructing interior walls probably won't be an option. As my grandmother used to say, "You will have to make do." In this article tips for decorating a large loft apartment are provided.

First, you will need to define your spaces. Decide where you want to locate a sleeping area, dining room and living space.

Second, most lofts have very high ceilings. Be prepared to purchase large furniture because typical furniture will appear small, inadequate and disproportionate to the space. The best style choice is likely going to be modern or contemporary with their clean lines and minimalist design. If you plan on an industrial design choose furniture with metal legs and accents to provide a continuity of design extending into the furniture.

Unique Handcrafted Leather Furniture

The large selection of genuine, finely handcrafted leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company is the greatest reason for buying your leather furniture in any of our 7 showrooms or online. We offer more styles than is available with any local furniture store, and we use only premium grade, handpicked, top and full grain, aniline dyed leathers for all of our leather furniture.

Available in over 120 colors and finishes, with 120,000 square feet of leathers available at any given time. We provide premium leather furniture in all major styles and provide optional stitching, nail heads, furniture legs and a variety of cushioning for a more custom fit for your needs and style. Browse our style books for a viewing of our extensive lines.

We provide the best quality leathers, handcrafted entirely in Lewisville, Texas by the best artisans in the leather furniture business.

The Leather Sofa Company provides an online store that is available 24/7, 365 days a year unlike traditional furniture stores. Not only do we provide the convenience of shopping at home, but contrary to other online leather furniture stores, we not only design and handcraft our custom leather furniture ourselves, we also provide 7 showrooms in Texas for local shopping and assistance in person.

Colors of leather furniture

The Leather Sofa Company provides over 120 different selections of leather finishes and colors. Though not an exact science, studies have proven that colors can play an important role in the effect of our moods. When choosing the color scheme of your room, choosing a color in furniture can play a vital role in mood as well as an aesthetic space.

The most popular colors in leather furniture are typically black and brown. Going into detail with the personality of colors can help you decide how you will choose the colors in your living space.

Blacks usually will work best as an accent color but should never be used as the primary color in a room. Black is often associated with dignity and sophistication. A black leather couch will provide a nice contrast in rooms with white or neutral walls. Avoid a dark room with dark walls and all black furniture as it can contribute to depression. Black can provide a lovely and dramatic contrast in zebra rugs and geometrics with a black leather couch. Black and white art with just a bit of red will coordinate nicely. Use red or white for contrasting accents.

Different Grades of Leather Furniture

When you are considering the purchase of a leather couch and want the best from the perspective of durability and quality, there is no equal to full or top grain leather. You may be wondering just what the difference is between the two premium grades of top grain and full grain leather.

When you choose full grain leather furniture you receive the thickest leather available. It is usually the same thickness as the bovine hide it came from. On the other hand, top grain leather is exactly what the name implies. Top grain is leather that has been shaved off from the outer layer of full grain. When choosing between these premium leathers it comes down to your choice of durability.

Full grain leather is more durable and will last longer due to its thickness. It is more resistant to dirt, spills, wear and to tears. Full grain leathers very thickness acts as a tough shield of protection. In regards to quality and longevity it is unsurpassed. Full grain leathers are chosen from the finest hides and retain their natural marks. By being unaltered it maintains the natural fibers of the hide, and therefore its strength. Full grain is "breathable" leather resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Full grain leather develops a lovely patina over time.

Choosing Leather Bar Furniture

Home bar, home saloon, or home pub-the name varies and so does the design, but most people picture either a table top bar or a stylish, relaxing space that has all the features of a classy bar downtown.

If a relaxing space dedicated to a home bar is in your plans the following may assist you in both design and budget.

First you must decide upon the location for your bar, and how much space will be dedicated to it. Next consider power and plumbing access. Place your ideas on paper in the form of a draft. You may want a 12 ft. bar but if it is going to make the space look crowded, you will need a smaller bar. Budget is the next consideration and whether you will do the work yourself or hire a carpenter.

When you picture your home bar, and the vision that comes to mind includes mirrored backs and glass shelving behind the bar, be sure to include lighting to highlight the bottles of liquor for some glitter and glam. One or two neon signs on these shelves and on any head wall (if any) over the bar itself will add realistic bar features and some relaxing ambience.

Choosing Leather Office Furniture

Whether your home office is a necessity for running a business, a space for a work-from-home-job, or simply a small area for paying bills and organizing your schedule, having a dedicated space designed will improve efficiency and promote greater creativity, productivity and encourage you to want to work more. The following tips will help to create an attractive and functional work space.

Decorating With Transitional Leather Furniture

Transitional style furniture combines qualities from both traditional and contemporary styles for a blending of the best attributes. Transitional style furniture is ideal if you find traditional style to be old fashioned and ultra-modern styles to be too cold and extreme.

The transitional style refers to furniture profiles, shapes, sizes as well as materials including fabrics and leather.

Transitional furniture style falls in between the spectrum of traditional and ultra-modern, and may lean either way, to being more traditional or more modern, but transitional will steer clear of either extreme. Transitional takes elements from both styles and displays it subtly.

Leather Furniture Repair

Leather repair really isn't a DIY project. A good professional repair that will hold up to routine use and be nearly invisible requires special materials and tools as well as experience. Even if you buy everything that you need you can't buy the knowledge and expertise of experience. It is simply better to hire a leather repair professional from the start.

There are many different types of leather and each has its own inherent problems with repair, and its own technique of repair.

Choosing Leather Furniture for Your Entertainment Room

An entertainment room is all about having fun in your home. It differs from a home theater in that it can incorporate more ways to have fun than movies alone. How you have it set up and what "fun zones" are in it, is determined by how you and your family have fun. If you watch a lot of movies, of course you will want a television viewing area, or a home theater in the entertainment room.

If you like to play billiards, plan for a zone for a billiards table. Perhaps there are musicians in your family who would like a dedicated place to play. A reading nook may be in order for those who like to read while the rest of the family watches a movie. You get the picture, if you have the space, plan for making your entertainment room fun for everyone in the family.

The Truth About Leather Furniture: Dispelling Leather Furniture Myths

Leather furniture is often misunderstood, and a lot of the myths stem from artificial products claiming to be leather, and from the use of vinyl in past decades. When Naugahyde was introduced many people thought they were purchasing leather, only to find out differently as the fabric fell apart. You simply cannot beat durable leather; nothing even comes close in longevity, beauty, comfort and the additional attractiveness it gains as it gracefully ages. Here we address the myths about leather.

Tufted Leather Furniture - Timeless & Trendy

Tufted leather furniture is a timeless classic that is growing in popularity and has become a big trend.

The tufted technique is produced by stitching through layers of material with filling and padding underneath. Heavy thread is used to pull and secure on the leather surface with a knot, ribbon or button. The button may be covered with the same leather to achieve a more subtle effect.

By pulling the thread depressions or dimples are created in the surface where it is pulled in. The raised surfaces that are created in this technique are called tufts. Tufting has been used for centuries, but you will find it on more than just traditional styles. It is equally at home on contemporary leather furniture. Tufted leather furniture can look elegant, masculine, alluring or subtle. The style of furniture, color and shape as well as texture will play a major role in creating the effect you desire.

With the high and low points of tufting, visual interest can be added with shadows and points of light, this effect can be enhanced by color choice. Furniture can have a lot of tufting, or only on the back or arms. For even greater visual interest diamond tufting creates a pattern that adds extra dimension.

Decorating With Southwestern Leather Furniture

Colors Southwestern Style is a warm and inviting style generally using a lot of color that brings to mind adobe walls, pottery and the colors of a desert sunset. Colors are of beige sand and green cactus, sunsets in blue, coral, reds, and purples, the shades of red, brown, black and white canyon walls, of blue turquois and desert sky. The variations in the colors of the southwest are numerous, and allow for more options than almost any other style from the simple use of black and white to the full spectrum of nature inspired southwestern colors.

Textured paint adds a greater level of style to walls and when combined with a Kiva style fireplace adds sophistication. Faux painting techniques provide a more dimensional wall treatment, whereas texture brings to mind stone and adobe. When using textured paint it adds the potential for sculptural accents to walls that easily double up for use as a place of display for woven baskets and pottery.

For a muted version of southwestern style use textured white, beige or light gold for walls. Sparse accessories provide a calmer more minimalist effect, and allow the beautiful texture of walls to display more prominently.

How to Protect Leather Furniture from the Sun

Leather furniture is increasingly popular and offers a greater variety of styles and colors than ever before.

Leather is easy to maintain and clean, and retains its appeal much longer than fabric upholstery. When shopping for leather furniture, ensure that you are receiving what you pay for. Stores offer bi-cast leather and other inferior products that often not even leather, though they are advertised and sold as leather.

The current trends in leather are for American made furniture and customization. Unfortunately the consumer must be cautious as "assembled in the USA" is not the same as Made in the USA. Insist upon American made products.

At The Leather Sofa Company our furniture is not only American made in our Lewisville, TX facility, it is also handcrafted. Using the finest leather products available, handpicked full grain leather and top grain leather that is aniline dyed, the best dying process available that permeates the leather throughout our leather furniture is crafted one piece at a time by our master craftsmen in the USA.

Western Style Leather Furniture

The westward expansion of our country began in earnest after the Revolutionary War ended. Virginia residents migrated into the Carolina's and Tennessee and into Georgia. The next migration was into the "Indian Territory" of Alabama and Mississippi. Shortly thereafter, the western migration entered into Texas and westward. Until the U.S. was settled there was always a western migration. It seems odd that at one time Alabama and Mississippi were the "west". Those are the facts, but today the majority of Americans view "the West" as those states lying westward of the Mississippi River.

In terms of design, Western style brings to mind cowboys and cattle, campfires and chuck wagons, ranches and broncos. Colorful Indian weavings and lodges, buffalo and war parties are also some of the Images that come to mind when speaking of "the West."

Furniture For Boy's Rooms

When it comes to a little boy's bedroom designthere are numerous themes to choose from. If your child is old enough you will know his favorite interests and will have no trouble choosing a theme. Dinosaurs are a popular theme among little boys, as are cars, fire engines, solar systems, club houses and sports to name a few. The d?cor and furnishings of little boy themes are available, but it can be a challenge at times to locate.

Using a little imagination and knowing how, and where, to locate the resources needed you can make your little boys room an exciting place for him to develop his imagination and have fun.

Finding Genuine Leather Furniture For Sale

In today's global market it is hard to know the quality or even origin of a product. When you are shopping for a new product of almost any kind, don't base your decision on the "Made in America" sticker. You have to look further if you want a product that is truly made in America. Many products bear the American made sticker, but are manufactured overseas and shipped for assembly in the U. S.

Like a detective, you must do your investigation if you want a genuine American made product. The same problem occurs with leather furniture.

It is being shipped to the U.S. from overseas and the quality is often very poor. A very popular brand of furniture that is highly marketed is now shipped from overseas. Common complaints are that the leather peels and the cushions break down within a year. Complaints with other imports are the discovery that the sides and back are synthetic, sometimes even vinyl.

Choosing A Genuine Leather Sofa

When arriving home from work, the majority of people want to relax for a while and the favorite location is most often on the sofa. The sofa is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the home, and where you probably spend most of your down time.

In terms of both comfort and aesthetics of a space, selecting the right sofa is paramount. It isn't always straightforward when choosing a new sofa. The following will assist you in narrowing the features as well as choosing the style.

Consider how you will use the sofa. Will you be stretched out reading a book? Sitting up with your feet propped up? If you will be laying down reading or napping you will want to choose comfortable cushioning. A leather couch that lacks arms for your head or arms holding a book to rest on should not be an option. Choose a sofa with arms. The arms themselves will need cushioning for comfort or plush and comfy cushions. Our Tuscan, Arezzo, Puma or Sicily collections are examples of good options for comfortable lounging as well as great style. Also, consider if you will need recliners in the sofa, or a sleeper bed for when company comes to visit.

Choosing a sofa that is too large can make a room feel cramped and undersized. Choose one too small and the sofa appears even smaller and insufficient. Don't forget to leave space for tables or an ottoman if you plan to use them.

The Black Leather Sofa

Design in a room that includes a black leather couch is often approached by playing it down, and that is fine if that is what you want to do. There is however, another approach that is bold and beautiful, and that embraces the black leather couch and makes it a part of a great contemporary room design.

There is no reason to shy away from the black leather couch when it is approached with the proper perspective. After all, you do the same thing with the red leather couch. So why is black so intimidating when it has the potential to be just as much a part of room design as any other sofa?

If you love the black leather furniture, play it up, not down! Therein lies the solution for a beautiful room containing a black leather sofa.

Kick Back in a Leather Recliner

Reclining chairs or reclining sofas are a great place to kick back and relax. But did you know recliners have health benefits?

Persons with poor circulation have to be cautious about standing or sitting too long. Feet and legs can swell with the collection of fluid in ankles and legs, for example. Impaired circulation can lead to ulceration of the skin and other complications. For these reasons, persons with impaired circulation are often told to elevate their feet to reduce swelling.

A recliner is the ideal means of elevation, as severe complications may occur if the feet and legs are elevated to an excessive height causing the return of collected fluid to occur too rapidly. A leather recliner is a safer way to reduce swelling in the lower extremities as excessive height is unlikely to occur.

French Style Leather Furniture

When you think of the French country side you probably have images of Monet's lush gardens and tranquil ponds bathed in golden sunlight. While elements such as these as well as others contribute to the French Country style of decorating, the finished room in this style is always warm, welcoming, elegantly European old world and rustic. If you can imagine a gracefully aged elegant country estate in the French countryside, then you are likely imagining the French Country style.

The style is very flexible, you can easily pick and choose the elements you like and still have French Country. There is plenty of style to create a warm and welcoming French Country interior.

Log Cabin Style Leather Furniture

A growing number of homeowners in the U. S. are choosing to purchase historic log cabins, though there simply are not enough left to supply the demand. The following tips will assist you in imparting the Log Cabin Style to your modern home. The Leather Sofa Company offers leather furniture for this style, as well as others offering seven showrooms in Texas, including furniture stores in Grapevine.

You don't have to have a log cabin to achieve the relaxing atmosphere that cabins impart. The following tips will assist you in achieving a log cabin feel to architecture, as well as the relaxed and informal style of d?cor typical of historic log cabins. The Leather Sofa Company invites you to visit our furniture stores in Grapevine, or any of our locations for assistance in selecting leather furniture to complement the Log Cabin Style.

Leather Furniture 101 at Your Dallas Furniture Store

Once you have made the decision to purchase leather furniture, it's time to shop around. Most of the complaints about leather furniture are related to the type of leather selected. You never have that concern when you purchase from the Leather Sofa Company with seven locations to choose from including two Dallas furniture stores.

Unfortunately, furniture labels can be misleading on many brands. It is to the consumers benefit to learn all they can of leather before they buy. You can avoid the risk of poor grades of leather by visiting any of our seven showrooms in Texas, which includes two Dallas furniture stores.

Modern Leather Furniture Design Dilemmas

Home is where the heart is, where we relax and unwind after work, and where we entertain. Almost everyone has ideas of how we want our homes to look and function. The style we like, the modern leather furniture we want. Achieving this goal can be difficult and we often overlook opportunities. Let's look at some common design dilemmas and the solutions.

Dilemma #1- Your room is different than your ideal. Having a plan for decorating is a good idea. You probably have pictures of rooms you like, but your room may be laid out differently or be a different size. Choose the features you like best and incorporate it into your plan.

Let's say you love the pictured fireplace, the arrangement of the modern leather furniture around the windows, and the large wall for its artwork. The problem is your room is half the pictured room's size.

Top Quality Leather Furniture in Dallas

The majority of leather furniture sold in the United States is imported from China and Italy. Buyers in the market for furniture of any kind, including leather furniture should be aware of the poor quality most of these leather furniture manufacturers are producing. If you're shopping for leather furniture in Dallas knowing the difference in imports and quality made American products can prevent buying poor quality furniture that is not going to hold up.

Many Chinese and Italian manufacturers use inferior materials and it begins with the frame of their products. They use wood that most often isn't hardwood and is not kiln dried. Kiln drying basically heats the wood, drying the moisture from it and killing any insects or larvae that may be inside. Wood that is not kiln dried can warp and shrink and is likely to have insects inside to eat the wood up.

Styling With Contemporary Custom Leather Furniture

The contemporary style is one of today's most popular choices in decor. Its clean strong lines, well lit open airy spaces and minimalist approach is appealing to a great number of people. Contemporary leather furniture exemplifies the contemporary style with its long lasting and enduring nature and simple beauty.

The sophistication of contemporary style is reflected in its simple color scheme of white, cream, beige, grey, black and tan. The shades of these colors may vary and can display undertones of other colors to add more visual interest.

Large open spaces are a classic with contemporary style. Bare spaces are also an important feature in the contemporary style, using balance to prevent a room from appearing to be under furnished. Clutter and crowding, ruffles, fringe, flowery prints or ornately carved wood are not a part of this style. Contemporary style is sleek, minimalist, sophisticated and neutral.

Classic Tufted Leather Sofas

The Leather Sofa Company offers hand-crafted American made leather sofas, loveseats, chairs, home theater seating and more. All of our finely crafted leather furniture is hand-crafted in Texas and are available in more than 120 colors and finishes with custom options. All of our leather furniture styles and lines feature the unmistakable quality only master artisans and craftsmen can provide and are built to last. We offer a wide selection of styles from a comfortable recliner to relax in, to the classic elegance of a tufted leather sofa available in distinct designs and everything in between.

The tufted leather sofa, often called a Chesterfield, has a look and style all its own. This classically elegant sofa is tufted and made from our premium sumptuous leathers with meticulous care and sophisticated skill.

The tufted sofa has a place in stately homes, clubs and sophisticated offices as well as the typical family home across the nation.

American Leather Furniture

Leather furniture's popularity and the demand for it continues to climb, and it is now considered to be the most popular furnishing in the U. S. This has of course, fueled a surge of imports, so if you are looking for American made ensure that you receive it, and be cautious of the wording. For example "made with leather", means it isn't all leather. Assembled in the U.S. means it is an import, shipped here and assembled. You won't have that problem with The Leather Sofa Company, as all of our leather furniture is handmade in Lewisville, Texas, providing all American Made Leather Furniture.

Our leather furniture is upholstered with the finest leathers available, full grain leather and top grain leathers. All of our materials the best available to enable us to make first quality finely crafted custom furniture that stands the test of time.

Graceful Modern Leather Furniture

The Arezzo line of modern leather furniture by The Leather Sofa Company is well named. Other leather couch manufacturers produce an Arezzo line, but to my opinion their linear ultra-modern and fully contemporary leather furniture forms in no way reflect the historical significance of the city of Arezzo, Italy. Located in Tuscany, it is a city of ancient buildings, full of architectural details such as mullioned windows and loggia arches, as well as beautiful frescos by Piero della Francesca and other notable artists.

The graceful curves of The Leather Sofa's Arezzo line is in my opinion, a more appropriate tribute to the historical ancient city of Arezzo, Italy than any other. It is a very beautiful tribute as well, and fills my need for quality modern leather furniture that in my selection of leather finish and color, will complement my rustic elegance style of d?cor with its emphasis upon local history.

Shopping for Leather Furniture & Decor On A Budget

When you're updating a room in your home with handcrafted leather furniture from The Leather Sofa Company's furniture stores in Dallas, you may already be thinking of carpets and accessories. When the artwork you desire is out of reach the following tips may assist you in saving money on the accessories budget.

If you are looking for inspiration, hopefully these tips are helpful. The room of your dreams is always within reach, and best tool you can have to achieve it is your imagination.

Shop with The Leather Sofa Company online, or at our furniture stores in Dallas or any of our seven locations in Texas for the first quality leather furniture you dream of for your home or office.

Get Chic With Dallas Furniture Stores

Shabby Chic is an eclectic style with little structure and few rules. If it is said to have any rules it is the use of furniture showing age, from mixed historical periods and the use of vintage textiles pulling it all together into a comfortable effeminate style of vintage elegance. It is a style where you can typically decorate for less, and save the money for the special purchases such as a vintage chandelier or a distressed styled sofa from one of our Dallas furniture stores. The Shabby Chic style uses salvaged furnishings and vintage textiles like those your grandmother probably brought out for "company" or reproductions distressed to look old. You can find ample merchandise at yard sales, estate, sales, thrift shops, second hand shops and flea markets. It is a style that is full of light with bright well lit interiors.

Leather Furniture For Small Spaces

New homes, apartments and condominiums are getting smaller. This is partially due to the high cost of commercial property. In some cases, it is also due to the environmental movement as many new homeowners select a smaller space for its advantages. Less square footage means lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint, translating to less impact on the environment. This trend towards environmental awareness is one reason for the popularity of leather furniture in Dallas and nationwide.

Quality leather furniture made of premium leather by far outlasts fabric upholstery and simulated leather products. Its durability means less materials going into the landfill. The Leather Sofa Company always uses the very best leathers money can buy, providing a long life of our leather furniture in Dallas showrooms and other locations. You won't have to wonder if you are receiving real leather or fake when you purchase our leather furniture. That is because we only use the top two leather grades, those of full grain leather and top grain leather.

Transitional Style Leather Sofas in Dallas

The transitional style of furniture combines elements from both traditional and contemporary styles. It is a style for those who find modern style too cold and unappealing, and traditional style to ornate and old fashioned. The transitional style is often called an "updated classic" because it avoids the ornate characteristics of traditional style, as well as the stark straight lines found in modern contemporary leather furniture. In transitional style the lines may be straight or use soft, sweeping curves without the extremes found in traditional furniture. Shop our transitional furniture under the styles tab to view our selection of transitional leather sofas in Dallas.

Transitional furniture is typically of medium scale to avoid being too large or too small. Wood finishes are typically light in color, as a dark, somber room is never a feature of the transitional style.

Caring For Leather Furniture

There are different grades of leather available on the market, and The Leather Sofa Company only sells the top two grades, full grain leather and top grain leather. While each grade of leather has its own care instructions there are general care tips suitable for all grades of leather furniture including the premium grades of leather available at our furniture stores in Grapevine, as well as our other showrooms in Texas.

Leather is a natural material that is 50% stronger than any other upholstery material. Leather will maintain its beauty and appearance for many years when properly cared for. With proper care it is common for a good grade of leather to last for 15-20 years or more, outlasting any other upholstery four to one. Of all upholstery materials, it is the easiest to care for. Visit any of our seven locations to view our luxuriously rich leathers and experience our finely crafted leather furniture including our furniture stores in Grapevine.

African Look Furniture Stores Frisco

Many homes today use design inspiration that can be traced back to European regions, or from exotic eastern origins. With the exception of the North African nation of Morocco and Egyptian influences, African style is often overlooked and can provide the earthy, exotic and warm color inspired ideas for those looking for these elements. The savannas of Africa offer a natural element for design inspiration from the cradle of human civilization, and from the furniture stores of Frisco, TX and The Leather Sofa Company.

Like any other style, the African style room may use just a few accents of Africa or it can be laden with the prints, earthy African masks, wooden sculptures and other elements to create a room that could be straight out of the African continent itself.

Leather is an element of the African room, fabrics simply can't contribute in the way that leather furniture does to this style. A black leather couch sitting atop an area rug of black and white zebra stripes, while behind the sofa hangs a large print of a zebra herd on the African savannah can provide the feel a world traveler hankers for. Add a wall color of creamy white for a more contemporary feel, or a lush rich caramel brown for a warm, earthy aura. When coupled with the natural element of leather furniture from our furniture stores in Frisco, TX Africa can come alive in your living room.

The Versatility of Tufted Leather Furniture

Today's tufted leather sofa comes in all styles and forms. Many people consider tufted leather furniture to be elegantly masculine and picture it in dark colored club chairs or a dark Chesterfield.

However, the tufted leather sofa or any other tufted furniture, need not appear only masculine. The fact is the frame, the leather, color and finish selected will create a different look and effect upon a room. Tufting can be used on almost any style. To further expand upon the possibilities of the influence of a tufted leather sofa let's look a little further into what tufting is.

There are different types of tufting, and the most common are diamond, biscuit and button back.

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